Technical Papers (Other)

Technical Papers - Other

Complex Adaptive Systems

Pohl J. (2000); ‘Adapting to the Information Age’ (PDF); InterSymp-2000, 12th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, 31 July 31 – 4 August.

Pohl J. (1999); 'Some Notions of Complex Adaptive Systems and Their Relationship to Our World’ (PDF); in Pohl J. and Fowler T. (eds.) Advances in Computer-Based and Web-Based Collaborative Systems; Proceedings InterSymp-99 Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2-7 August (pp. 9-24).

Future Trends

Pohl J. (2012); ‘The Synergy of Human-Computer Evolution: Merging Biology and Technology in Singularity’ (PDF); Proceedings InterSymp-2012, Baden-Baden, Germany, 30 July – 3 August.

Pohl J. (2008); ‘Challenging Computer Software Frontiers and the Human Resistance to Change’ (PDF); Pre-Conference Proceedings, Focus Symposium on Intelligent Software Tools and Services, InterSymp-2008, Baden-Baden, Germany, 24-30 July.

Pohl J. (2007); ‘Alternative Paths to Intelligent Systems’ (PDF); Proceedings InterSymp-2007, 19th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics, Baden-Baden, Germany, 30 July to 3 August.

Pohl J. (2003); ‘Transformation: The Human Obstacles’ (PDF); Working Group 32, 71st MORS Symposium, Military Operations Research Society, United States Marine Corps Base at Quantico, VA, 10-12 June.

Pohl J. (2002); ‘Some Thoughts on Human Nature: A Discussion of Human Strengths and Weaknesses’ (PDF); Proceedings InterSymp-2002, Focus Symposium on Collaborative Decision-Support Systems, Baden-Baden, Germany, 29 July to 30 August.

Pohl J. (1998); ‘The Future of Computing: Cyberspace’ (PDF); Proceedings InterSymp-98, Baden-Baden, Germany, 17-21 August; (Reprinted in: Lasker G. (ed.) Advances in Sociocybernetics and Human Development, Vol.6.

Business Management

Pohl J. (2011); ‘The Role of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Intuition’ (PDF); in Pohl J. (ed.) Intelligent Information Management Systems; InterSymp-2011 Focus Symposium, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2 August (pp. 9-20).

Pohl J. (2003); ‘The Emerging Knowledge Management Paradigm: Some Organizational and Technical Issues’ (PDF); in Pohl J. (ed.) Collaborative Decision-Support Systems, InterSymp-2003 Focus Symposium, Baden-Baden, Germany, 28 July to 1 August.

Pohl J. and A. Chapman (1987); 'Probabilistic Risk Management’; Building and Environment, 22(3).

Data Management and Information Assurance

Pohl J. and K. Pohl (2013); ‘Big Data: Immediate Opportunities and Longer Term Challenges’ (PDF); Proceedings InterSymp-2013, Baden-Baden, Germany, 29 July – 2 August.

Pohl J. (2010); ‘Solving the Data Deluge Problem’ (PDF); Proceedings InterSymp-2010, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2-6 August.

Pohl J. (2010); ‘The Cyber Security Threat’ (PDF); CADRC White Paper, Collaborative Agent Design Research Center, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California, May.


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